Our Breads


Classic long northern Italian bread with a crisp crust and a moist, airy crumb. A great bread for dips, spreads, and panini.


A traditional San Francisco-style crusty white natural sourdough.


Based on a traditional bread of Ancient Rome. Starter made from cooked polenta yields a mild corn flavor and the texture of a rustic hearth loaf.

Italian Olive

Similar in taste and texture to our ciabatta, the Italian olive loaf is enhanced with both extra virgin olive oil and flavorful Kalamata olives.


Pain de Ordinaire, Seeded Pain Ordinaire, Sourdough, Polenta, Italian Olive, Whole Wheat, Ficelle (mini baguette).

Multi-Grain Sourdough

A long fermented mix of six organic grains, three organic flours, and flax seed produces a moist, high-fiber loaf with a wonderfully nutty flavor.

Multi-Grain Raisin Walnut Sourdough

A long fermented mix of six organic grains, three organic flours, and flax seed produces a moist, high-fiber loaf with a wonderfully nutty flavor, with raisins and walnuts added. Perfect for breakfast.

Sour French Rye

Traditional German Rye with caraway seeds embodied by our signature sourdough taste, great for reuben sandwiches and winter soups.

Pane Antico

Northern Italian peasant bread made with 100% Camas Country Flour. Available plain or rolled in pumpkin seeds or oats.

Pain di Como

Italian country white round denser than our ciabatta but with similar flavor.

Pain Ordinaire

Simply, 'French Bread,' best for Louisiana po-boys, dipping in gumbo, and garlic bread. Also comes rolled in a seeded mix of poppy, sesame, and flax.


Pain de Campagne(Monday)

Whole grain traditional French country levain. A sixty-percent whole wheat natural sourdough. Also available with walnuts.

Emmenthaler Red Onion Sourdough(Tuesday)

White sourdough accented with organic red onions and exquisite cave-aged Emmenthaler cheese from Switzerland.

Potato Green Onion(Wednesday, Spring thru Summer)

This moist and flavorful sourdough is made with forty-percent roasted potatoes, accented with green onions, and has a beautifully caramelized crust.

Sweet Potato Pecan(Wednesday, Fall thru Winter)

One-third roasted organic sweet potatoes impart to this unique sourdough a rich orange color inside and a caramelized mahogany on the outside. Makes incredible French toast and compliments many savory dishes.

Jalapeno Cheddar Polenta(Thursday)

Our polenta loaf chock full of a popular made-in-Oregon cheddar and sliced jalapeƱo peppers.

Rosemary Potato(Friday)

Another of our hearty potato breads infused with the flavor of fresh-picked rosemary leaves.

Grafton Village Cheddar Sourdough(Saturday)

Sourdough with a generous amount of the finest extra-sharp aged Vermont cheddar.

Pane Siciliano(Saturday)

Our semolina bread with the classic Sicilian flavors of anise, calamyrna figs, candied orange peel, apricots, golden raisins, dark raisins, and hazelnuts. An amazing medley that makes the Mediterranean's heart beat.

Chocolate Cherry Sourdough(Saturday)

A Saturday Market favorite! Chocolaty bread so moist and flavorful, you might think its cake. Dried sour cherries in almost every bite.

Buttermilk Hamburger or Hotdog Buns (-on request-)

Soft buttermilk buns for summer barbeques, sloppy joes, you name it.